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- Dr Dianne Devlin BM BMedSci

Have you ever had an unsightly cold sore erupt, days before a big event?

I'm sure you can remember the precise moment you felt that uncomfortable tingling sensation under your skin and would have done anything to avoid the outbreak.

Do you think it would have been useful at that time to understand what was causing the cold sore to erupt so you could do anything necessary to prevent the blister from forming?

Obviously, we can't turn back time to deal with your last cold sore, but we can help you to prevent yourself from having to suffer the discomfort and odd look from strangers in future.

That's why we've created a Special Report that reveals the insider facts behind why cold sores develop - information the pharmaceutical companies really DON'T want you to know about!

Inside this Special Report you'll learn...

  • The things you do each day that actually cause cold sore outbreaks

  • Precisely why you suffer painful cold sores so regularly

  • What to do to avoid an unsightly facial sore occuring just before your next major event
  • How to treat cold sores without over-the-counter creams
  • Why reducing your anxiety will lower both the frequency and severity of your outbreaks

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